Cycling Clubs and Organisations

Bike Safe – Bike Safe is an advocacy group for cyclists, and is responsible for a large number of initiatives to improve cycling in the region.

Cycling Geelong – recreational cycling, cycling safety, and support for cyclists.  Cycling Geelong provides a weekly program of rides from easy to difficult.

Geelong Touring Cyclists – recreational cycling and touring.  A group of the club members  recently returned from riding from Land’s End to John ‘O Groats in the UK.  Last year, a small group of riders rode from Perth to Adelaide.  Weekly local rides are held each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Life Activities Group – Life Activities Group is supported by City of Greater Geelong, and provides a large number of activities for older residents, including a cycling group.

Geelong Cycling Club  (racing)

Geelong Veterans Cycling Club (racing)

Bicycle Network (formerly Bicycle Victoria) – provide advocacy.  Members receive cycling insurance.

Audax Australia – Australia’s premier long-distance cycling organisation.  Audax holds weekly, non-competitive, events in all states.  A number of these are in or near Geelong.  Rides are from 50 to 1200 kilometers in length, with a time limit for completion.

Bike Friday Club of Australia – holds annual gatherings in the eastern states and South Australia.  The 2014 gathering is in Mudgee, NSW, from 3-7 April.

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