Geelong is an industrial city, with many industries relying on the port for transport.

Two major industries, Ford and Shell, have signaled their intention to close or sell their Geelong operations.  The closure of major industries in Geelong is not new.  From the 1960s textile mills closed due to removal of tariffs and protection.  The central area, near Cunningham Pier, once had at least ten wool stores.  These have all closed.  Some of the fine buildings have been renovated for other uses. Others have been demolished.  The city has always moved on and prospered.

As the port moved from the central city area to the north, this area became the main industrial hub of Geelong.  The new suburbs of Norlane (1950s), Corio (1960s), and Bell Park (1960s and 70s) grew up to support housing for the many workers required.

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