Ride to Work Day

Yesterday, Wednesday 16th, 2013, was Ride to Work Day all over Australia.  According to the Victorian Bicycle Network over 150,000 cyclists were registered to ride.

The Geelong gathering was in Gore Place, off Corio Street.  There were cyclists and bicycles in all shapes and sizes, all enjoying the beautiful hot spring weather – a perfect way to start the day with a free breakfast at a participating coffee shop around the city.  Then it was off to all points of the compass to start the day’s work.

Statistics are not yet in for the Geelong region, but looking at the number of cyclists cycling along the waterfront and then south of the city, there were hundreds more than usually cycle to work.  Let’s hope that some of them become regular commuting cyclists.

The more people ride bikes, the more aware other road users become of cyclists, and the safer cycling becomes.

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